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Robb Grindstaff is an outstanding editor. His revisions not only cleaned up my novels, they also taught me how to write better. In my twenty years in this business, Grindstaff is the best editor--hands down--that I've ever worked with.  

Jonas Saul

Author of the bestselling Sarah Roberts series and 30 thrillers

Robb, you taught me so much – including the mechanics of dialogue, passive/active writing, filters and flinching (things I’d never heard of)! Over the years, I have printed out, highlighted, underlined and dog-eared all the advice you sent me. Up to this day, I regularly read and re-read that advice.  So helpful and enlightening.  In particular, your suggestions about how to end the story (something I found really tricky) was invaluable, right to the end of my final draft this year. So, thank you again!

Tanya Heaslip, Australia

Author of Alice in Prague (Allen & Unwin Publishing)

I met Robb Grindstaff on a writers’ site when he gave some feedback on the work I had posted. His insight and intelligence shone through and I badgered him for more feedback, which he most generously gave, and we subsequently became friends. I have recently completed the manuscript of my second book for publication and turned to Robb for advice many times as the story took shape. I trust his instincts as well as his knowledge of the writing craft, his thoughtful and thorough feedback and his openness to discussion.

Phillipa Fioretti, Australia

Author of The Book of Love and The Fragment of Dreams, published by Hachette Australia

Robb owns sterling skills in technical editing, story structure, plot development and voice. His feedback on my work has led to immense improvement in my work and skills. He is one of the reasons I am represented by a great agent. He’s also a very funny dude and has enormous empathy for an author’s point of view.

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