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Do you have a fiction or non-fiction manuscript you’d like to see published? Are you seeking a literary agent? Plan to self-publish?

You want your manuscript in the best shape possible, polished, formatted, and error-free. Your story must also be written in a compelling manner to engage readers. Writers are often too close to their own work to see where improvements can make a tremendous difference.

Working with an editor before you query agents or self-publish can give you an edge in the very tough and crowded market for publication. An editor should play a positive, encouraging, and motivational role while providing honest and direct feedback.

Your story belongs to you, the writer, not the editor. I will work with you, providing assistance, guidance, suggestions, ideas, resources, and tips. You are the final arbiter and all decisions are yours. I ask questions to learn what you’re trying to accomplish. My input is designed to help you develop your writing, your story, and your characters – in your voice.

My goal is to provide tools and techniques you can absorb into your skill set for everything you write in the future, not just fix typos in your current manuscript.

I work with writers of nearly any genre, but my personal preferences lean to commercial and mainstream fiction, literary, young adult, and women’s fiction. I have edited best-selling crime, fantasy, and memoir authors as well.

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