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Reader reviews for Carry Me Away

I'm still marveling at what an impressive and enjoyable book this is, and I'm looking forward to reading anything by Grindstaff that I can get my hands on. Carry Me Away is most highly recommended. – Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

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“Best Book of the Year”: Grindstaff's ability to capture the minds of his characters when they're young girls still remains unparalleled, and what I once thought was a one-time gift actually turns out to be a slightly concerning affinity for unlocking the minds of the world's most disturbed creatures. I should know. I used to be one. There's nothing else out there quite like what Grindstaff is able to deliver here. This book is really something special.

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Characters beyond real. Carrie has a special place in my heart. You'll never meet another character like Carrie, who packs the most life possible into every page of every chapter. 

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Heart-wrenching, on par with Jodi Picoult, a grand achievement of literary talent.

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