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"An incredible novel...a refreshing, innovative and skillful tour de force."

~ Jonas Saul, bestselling author of 40 novels, including the million-selling "Sarah Roberts" series
This is a story that lingers on. ...incredible wit and flawless storytelling is just what our world needs right now.

~ EC Stilson, author of "Two More Years," "The Golden Sky," and "Homeless in Hawaii"

Readers' Favorite Book Review panelists say:
"Powerful and thought-provoking...  a fantastic book on many levels and I can highly recommend it." (5 Stars)

"A fabulous read, pulling me into a story that was compellingly interesting and very heart-wrenching in every way. High-quality, real-life drama. A very impressive book. (5 Stars)

"Some chapters leave you hanging, others provide an "aha" moment, but then there are those that slap you in the face." (5 Stars)
"The premise of the story was as unique as promised... more effective than I anticipated. I would highly recommend this novel!" (5 Stars)

"A timely satire of the celebrity-obsessed culture plaguing our society... an intriguing and authentic piece of work that has plenty to offer. ...thoroughly compelling, uniquely told." (5 Stars) 


What readers say

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